With Zamoli you can create your own affiliate network, recruit affiliates to promote your site, and pay them based on the results they get (for example, 10% on each sale).

Zamoli is a robust affiliate network software, which allows you to create and manage an affiliate network with unlimited campaigns / affiliate programs (this will largely depend on the package selected. It can be used for: Affiliate Marketing, Referral Marketing, Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Performance Marketing, etc. It is suitable for anyone with an online business that wants to increase their website sales.

Zamoli software is hosted directly on your server; this means that you can make edits to front end and not charged for clicks, impressions or other overages. You have control over most aspects of your package. We however do recommend specific hosts that can manage high volume traffic

Zamoli can track commissions on 99% of the websites, e-commerce, checkout systems, CMS and affiliate platforms available today on the web! If the system you are using is not listed in this page, don’t hesitate to contact our technical department to request more information.

We have 3 packages, we suggest you speak with one of our sales team member for proper guidance.

Absolutely not, our affiliate software allows you to manage unlimited users, unlimited banners and links, and count unlimited traffic and commissions! This will depend on package you select.

We have addons which are clearly stated in your dashboard, you can select whichever you wish.

We currently provide technical support and customer assistance via email tickets and live-chat

Yes, we do not place any traffic limits. Your server capability handles all that. We do not have any charges for clicks, impressions or conversions.

No. This is monthly recurring, we will charge the card on file monthly, it can be a debit visa or credit card.

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time through your accounts management panel , by clicking on this link, or by contacting us via email.

The cancellation involves the elimination of your affiliate network and all related data. After the cancellation we keep your data for 3 days, during which you can request the reactivation of the license. After 3 days all the data are permanently deleted, with no possibility to restore them.

By canceling the payment method on file, you are requesting the cancellation from our service. Your affiliate network will remain active until the expiration of the paid period, after which it will be deleted. Keep in mind that data cannot be retrieved as soon as it expires.

If your license expires,your affiliate network will be granted 3 days grace period, after which it will be permanently deleted.

To avoid service suspension you can deposit in-store credits in your wallet. They will be used for subsequent monthly payments. Alternatively, contact the accounting department and communicate the exact date on which it will be possible to pay your invoices.

You can contact us via email through the contact form available on the support page or call our sales team at the number on the contact us page.