How it Works

How Affiliate Marketing works?

Our affiliate software allows you to create and manage a full affiliate marketing program for your website or e-commerce. An affiliate program is used for creating advertising partnerships and increasing sales on your website.

Once registered to your affiliate program, affiliate users will be able to promote your website in many ways, for example by inserting your banners into their websites, writing targeted reviews or blog articles with their ref links, creating posts on social networks, sending advertising emails, inviting friends, and much more!

Zamoli will automatically track all the statistics and the conversions generated by your affiliates, recognizing which affiliate has led the user to buy (or subscribe) to your website in real time and even after several days.

As administrator of your affiliate program you can choose to pay a percentage of the sales referred by your affiliates (for example 10%). This way you can create a secure advertising investment based on the real results you achieve.